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Closing out and moving on: Essential guidance for LTOs and partnerships

The Big Local programme will close in March 2026. This guidance has been developed to support Big Local partnerships (partnerships) and Locally Trusted Organisations (LTOs) to complete the close of Big Local in their area, though it is relevant to others involved in the programme.

It is essential reading that includes the requirements to close Big Local in an area and provides details of considerations, preparations and actions for closing out successfully. It also covers how an area can keep connected to the wider Big Local programme and Local Trust after the final grant has been closed, up to March 2026.

It is a “live” document, which means it will be reviewed and updated from time to time. This version was updated in October 2023 to reflect a more flexible approach to supporting areas to close.

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What is close out?
Close out phase
Preparing to close out
Getting support to close out
Successfully achieving close out
What happens when the final grant is closed?
Keeping in touch after closing out
Useful links and guidance
Appendix I: Accessing Big Local learning events after closing out

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