Voices of Big Local

Meet the people working on Big Local

What does a neighbourly response look like?

An organic take on the role of community during Covid-19

Community matters more than ever

Covid-19: prioritising the physical and mental health of residents

Strength in numbers

The West Yorkshire resident supporting his community through Covid-19

The Historian

How a community made their voice heard

Mental health: my experience

“Mental health problems have affected me all my life… Sometimes I go through a really bad dip in my moods and I’ll vanish off the scene"

Listening to hear

DY10 resident, Sarah Rook, explains how her communication skills have improved considerably

The worker who wants to do herself out of a job

Val Fendley, Ramsey Million Big Local, is a strong advocate of trusting residents to make their own decisions – and passionate about skilling up young people

The power of knit and natter

Nurturing confidence, skills and friendships

The community archaeologist

Barry Mead, CELL Big Local, chats to our journalist-at-large about how he and a team of incredible volunteers unlocked hundreds of thousands of pounds to secure the future of a medieval castle