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Using the Big Local name and logo

Essential guidance

Thinking ahead to the end of the Big Local programme, Local Trust will be protecting the Big Local name and logo after 2026 to ensure it is not used inappropriately by organisations that have no legitimate connection to the programme. For this reason, it’s important that Big Local areas check that their name and logo can be used longer term.

Many Big Local areas are also considering setting up a new legal body, which raises new questions about how the name ‘Big Local’ is used and how partnerships should consider organisational names when setting up a new legal body.

This new guidance has been developed to support Big Local partnerships to reflect on their use of the ‘Big Local’ name and logo up to 2026. It introduces new ‘dos and don’ts’ that ensure the Big Local name and logo are not open to misuse in the longer term.

The vast majority of Big Local partnerships already meet these requirements and do not need to make any changes. However, a few partnerships will need to consider alternative names or logos, and support is available to help with this.

Who? This guidance applies to Big Local partnerships, groups and organisations, including new or established legal bodies.

What? It falls into 2 parts: Big Local name and Big Local logo. It applies to how these are used in materials, signage, digital files, internet domain names, online identities (such as the name you use on social media) and formal constitutional documents.

How? Review these guidelines to check how your partnership is using the Big Local name and logo and whether you meet these guidelines.

Why? Big Local areas are thinking about how they may continue their work after the end of the Big Local programme. This guidance ensures there is plenty of time to make any necessary name or logo changes before 2026.

When? These new rules are effective from 1 January 2022. There is no need to replace stocks of physical materials created before this date.

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Summary of this guidance 

In general: 

  • The majority of Big Local partnerships are already in line with these guidelines, but some are not, and Local Trust is offering support. 
  • Check that your partnership is using the Big Local name and logo in line with these guidelines. If you are unsure, contact your rep. 
  • Places, areas, resident groups and organisations that have not received Big Local funding may not use the words ‘Big Local’ in their name or logo. 
Step 1: Review your partnership name
Step 2: Review your partnership logo
Step 3. Check how you acknowledge Big Local funding
Step 4: Consider new legal bodies

Please check the full guidance below. If you are not sure you are using the name and logo correctly, please tell your Big Local rep. The Local Trust communications team will also be happy to talk through any issues that arise for your partnership if your rep cannot resolve them.  


Your partnership name 

Using the words ‘Big Local’ in your name
Using the words ‘Local Trust’ in your name
Names that do not meet this guidance

Your logo 

Using your own logo design
Using the Big Local or the Big Local|Local Trust logo
Using the Local Trust logo on its own
Logos that do not meet this guidance
Incorporating the Big Local logo into your partnership’s logo

Funding acknowledgements 

Using the National Lottery Community Fund logo


Why have you introduced new guidance?
Why now?
What support is on offer to help us change our logo?
What are the changes we need to make?
Is financial support available for us to rebrand our partnership?
What happens to the Big Local name and logo after 2026?
What if we do not plan to exist as a Big Local partnership past the end of the programme in 2026?
I’m not sure whether our name and logo need changing?