Plans and activities Working as a partnership

The Big Local plan

The Big Local plan describes how your area will work towards becoming an even better place to live.

It captures and builds on your vision, priorities and actions. It describes how your partnership will use a range of resources in the best possible way.

This doesn’t just mean telling us and the community how to use the money – Big Local is much more than the money. So the plan describes how you’re going to use people, talents, ambitions, skills, energy, support, training and networks alongside the money to achieve your vision.

Your plan should build on what is already good about your area. It should explain how you will provide community-wide benefits, respond to local needs and priorities, and achieve Big Local’s four outcomes.

Why do we need a Big Local plan?
Creating a Big Local plan
Assessment of Big Local plans
Changing your Big Local plan
Reviewing your Big Local plan


This guidance was updated in June 2019.