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Plans and activities Working as a partnership

The Big Local plan

The change you want to make and how you will go about it

Your plan is a document you write for yourselves, your community and Local Trust. It is a guide and action plan that your partnership can follow, share and use to get others involved.

From September 2019 any new Big Local Plan should have three parts. (If you are applying for additional funding or changing your LTO mid-plan this does not apply to you).

  • The costed vision looks at things in a big picture way. It is a chance to reconsider your original vision and priorities, and how you can allocate your remaining funds to achieve them. All costed visions will show, in a broad way, how the full £1million will be spent by the end of the Big Local programme in March 2026.
  • Your action plan will contain the most detailed information about how you will deliver Big Local in your area – like a manual for delivery. The length of the plan is up to you. It can span the rest of your time as a Big Local or cover a shorter period. It sets out your goals and activities for the next funding period and shows how you will achieve your overall vision. It includes a detailed budget that we use to make your next funding offer and payment schedule. You can update or create a new one as each funding period comes to an end.
  • Your legacy statement outlines what you hope and plan to leave behind post-Big Local. By legacy we mean what remains when the Big Local £1 million is spent.

Depending on how much your Big Local has spent so far, you will probably submit more than one action plan to us between 2019 and the end of the programme. Yet your costed vision and legacy statement – which we’ll ask you to re-submit each time – will likely just need a little updating.

How do we create a Plan?
Creating your costed vision
Creating your action plan
Creating your legacy statement
How to send in your Plan
Assessment of Big Local Plans
What happens after a Plan is endorsed?

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