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Managing Big Local funding

Funding agreements and processes for Big Local plans

A funding agreement is a document that sets out the terms on which we fund an organisation with Big Local money, on your behalf.

We send funding agreements to your Locally Trusted Organisation(s) once we have endorsed your proposal or plan.

A funding agreement includes the offer letter, the terms and conditions of funding and a payment schedule. It should be read together with your endorsed Big Local plan. The agreement is sent to your Locally Trusted Organisation, with a copy to your Big Local rep and to the chair of your Big Local partnership.

This document explains in more detail what the process involves, with additional information for various types of funding.

Offer letters
Terms and conditions of funding
Payment schedules
Contribution to support grant administration and partnership running costs
Variations to your funding agreement
Additional funding
Extensions to your funding agreement
Does the partnership put funding or other agreements in place?
Funding agreements related to social investments
Retrospective funding

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