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Locally trusted organisations

A locally trusted organisation is the organisation chosen by your Big Local partnership to administer and account for the distribution of your funding, and/or deliver activities or services on behalf of the Big Local partnership.

Your Big Local partnership guides the overall direction of Big Local in your area and makes decisions about how your Big Local funding will be used. You might work with more than one locally trusted organisation. This will depend on your Big Local plan and the skills and resources you need.

We have a funding agreement with your locally trusted organisation(s), and this is the document that is legally binding.

What does your locally trusted organisation(s) do?
How to choose a locally trusted organisation
Who can be a locally trusted organisation?
Due diligence checks
Spend reporting
What funding does the locally trusted organisation receive?
What if we want our locally trusted organisation to do more than receive, account and distribute the funding?
How many locally trusted organisations can we have?
What about working with other organisations?
Changing locally trusted organisation

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