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Get support to close out


We can support you to close out through our Make it Happen partner offers, which can help you deliver different aspects of your final Big Local plan and prepare to close your grant*.

*Several partnerships have approached us for particular support as they reach the final stages of Big Local. We recommended accessing support well in advance of when you are expected to close out, particularly if you’d like to access the following partner support. 

Partner support

As you approach close out, our partners can support you to do the following:

Communicate close out
Measure the change you've made
Set up a legal body
Business planning
Fundraise and generate income
Get tailored training for your partnership

Events and peer learning

We are hosting learning events that will help areas close out and create legacy plans. Find these events here.

We also have several peer learning networks that we would recommend you make the most of before you close out from the programme.

Let us know what support you would like by leaving your details below and we will be in touch, or browse each offer in more detail at the bottom of the page. 

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Browse support offers

Find out more about each of the support offers related to close out, and the partners who deliver them.