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Gaining legal status LTOs Working as a partnership

Big Local partnerships becoming, or setting up, their own locally trusted organisation

This guidance is for Big Local partnerships that are thinking about setting up their partnership as a legal body and becoming their own locally trusted organisation (LTO), meaning the organisation acts as both the partnership and LTO. It also covers situations where a partnership sets up a legal body to become an LTO, but the partnership continues in existence as a separate and independent decision-making body.

This is also for anyone that Big Local partnerships ask to support them with, for instance, legal and financial issues, so they can understand what might be especially important to consider and why. This guidance should be read alongside the guidance on setting up a new legal body as well as the core guidance on locally trusted organisations, partnerships and how to use the Big Local name and logo.

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What is the guidance about?
Legal form, identity and structure

Essential – things you will need to do

There are some essential steps which Big Local partnerships will need to take in order to become, or set up, their own Local-Trusted Organisation, which are covered in this section.

Due diligence requirements
Funding agreements and Rep support
Employing and transferring staff
Membership and remit
Conflicts of interest
When a partnership and LTO are the same body
When a partnership sets up a separate body to become an LTO
General considerations

Helpful things to think about

As you think about and discuss becoming your own LTO, or setting up a separate organisation to become the LTO, it will be useful to work through the guidance on setting up a new legal body and also be clear on the requirements for LTOs and partnerships. Some further things you will need to think about are:


Useful websites

The following websites may help you in becoming, or setting up, your own Locally-Trusted Organisation. Links to further resources about setting up a new legal body can also be found in the guidance on setting up a new legal body.