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Want help to demonstrate your achievements and the change you are making?

This support is an opportunity to set aside time to reflect on your plans and activities so you can understand what’s working, what’s not working and how to best allocate resources. It can also help you contribute to a plan review or apply for additional funding.

What support is on offer?

This support offer has been developed to be flexible to meet the varied needs of Big Local areas. There are many ways that partnerships can take up this support, depending on what you need, including to help you:

  • understand the difference you’re making in your Big Local area, the changes you still want to achieve and how to demonstrate changes to your community, Local Trust and other funders.
  • do your own community research, to understand how the changes your Big Local area has made has affected people in your community.
  • evaluate specific projects to understand the change they are creating in your community

Watch this video to find out more about the offer.

As a partnership we know that the projects we work on are good because we live and breathe them, other people outside say ‘oh yeah, and?’ so now we’ve learned how to give them the and.”

Andrew Blakey, Chair of Riverside Community Big Local

Ready to get started? Email us at*

*Whilst in-area support with our partners is open to all, if certain support offers are oversubscribed, we will need to prioritize this depending on which areas need it most. This doesn’t  mean your area will not get to take part in that bespoke offer – just that you may have to wait until support has been offered to priority areas first.

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Below are some resources which can help you better measure the change your Big Local is making. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need further support, contact the research team at

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