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Beyond age

20 May 2019

Antony Mason considers how four Big Local areas – Wick Award, Church Hill, Stoke North and Coastal Community Challenge – are each choosing to prioritise the welfare of young people. Mason recognises the life-changing potential of youth provision and suggests the Big Local approach to filling this gap in services could inspire a national re-think on youth policy and funding.

About the Author
Antony Mason

The Intergenerational Foundation (IF) is an independent, non-party-political charity that exists to protect the rights of younger and future generations in British policymaking. IF is calling for sustainable long-term policies that are fair to all – the old, the young and those to come.

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This episode discusses how the housing crisis, debt and unemployment are affecting the youth in four communities, and how Big Locals are investing in youth provision to improve their lives and well-being.

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