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Beyond age

3 May 2019

This episode explores how four Big Local communities are choosing to prioritise the welfare of young people.

Touching on issues such as the housing crisis, debt and unemployment, the conversation discusses how these are affecting the young people in these areas, and how Big Locals are investing in youth provision to improve their lives and well-being.

Participants: Antony Mason, author of ‘Beyond age: Why communities are investing in young people’s futures’. Liz Emerson, Intergenerational Foundation. Jessica Wenban-Smith, Local Trust. Polly Mann, Wick Award. Iona Lawrence, Cares Family. Daniel Rose, Spotlight. Chaired by: Matt Leach, Local Trust.

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Antony Mason considers how four Big Local areas – Wick Award, Church Hill, Stoke North and Coastal Community Challenge – are each choosing to prioritise the welfare of young people.

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