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Join us as we explore a range of solutions around how communities might provide access to digital devices for those in need, the second in series of events designed to help you respond to the ‘digital revolution’ in your community.

Access to digital devices is an issue many communities have been forced to tackle in recent months as those without struggle to work from home, continue their education and access essential services.  

Following on from Connecting Communities to the Internet, during this event we will explore a diverse array of solutions being pursued to provide digital devices to those in need, and some of the partnerships which have helped groups in doing so. 

Joining us will be: 

  • Ludovic Gautier from Computer Aid  
  • Angela Ellis from the Good Things Foundation on Reboot and device refurbishment 
  • W12Together Big Local Partnership Member on their work with ReadyTechGo 
  • Matt Fisher from Selby Big Local 

Short presentations will be followed by time for questions and group discussions to find out more about the mechanics of each project and what other communities are working on. 

We encourage anybody interested in this topic to join our dedicated Workplace group, and/ or email Ellie at who will keep you updated when we have new events and resources on offer. 

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