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As part of our ongoing learning cluster series on loneliness and social isolation, this online event will explore community responses to loneliness through the life course, drawing on projects, ideas and examples from Big Local areas who have addressed loneliness in their communities.

Participants will:

  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of how loneliness affects people at different life stages
  • Share what they are doing in their own communities to engage people and build connections
  • Come away with new ideas about what more they could do address loneliness in different age groups in their community

We will hear from several Big Local areas on the different approaches they have taken to address loneliness in their areas – sharing what they did, what they’ve learnt and what they might do differently next time. There will be time for Q&A followed by small group sessions where Big Local areas will have an opportunity to reflect on what they have heard and share what they are doing locally and explore common features of the approaches shared.


 If you have any queries or register and then can no longer attend please contact us.