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StreetGames offer support to Big Local areas who want to establish community-led sports projects

You might be interested in working with StreetGames if your Big Local partnership has prioritised health and wellbeing, community cohesion and wants to get an exciting, visible project off the ground.

StreetGames has worked with 4 Big Local areas, including Dyke House Big Local, to establish sports projects that have engaged their communities in healthy activity and trained individuals in coaching and facilitating.

StreetGames encouraged me to think about inspiring leadership in others to motive people to take part – and I do that by giving them the lead on different parts of the session.

Callum, Dyke House Big Local

What’s expected of our Big Local partnership?

We want the experience of working with the support partners to make your Big Local area more effective and not burden you with extra responsibility. Should you choose to work with Shared Assets, Media Trust, Campaign for Better Transport or StreetGames, it’s important your Big Local partnership fully understands what’s expected of you.

This includes:

  • Engaging with the project as a committed, equal partner for the duration of the work
  • Choosing an individual from your partnership to engage with the partner organisation, stay in contact and schedule meetings and visits
  • Inviting partnership members and other interested local stakeholders to training workshops.
  • Providing a venue in your Big Local area and any refreshments you would like for all workshops
  • Signing an Memoriam of Understanding (MoU) which will authorise Local Trust to transfer your 50% of the funding from your £1 million budget to the partner directly and so reduce administration responsibilities on your LTO.

StreetGames are delighted to be working within Big Local communities to support the nurturing and development of local assets to help create lasting change using the power of sport


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You can find more about Dyke House Big Local’s experience of working with StreetGames in Callum’s blog.



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