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Campaign for Better Transport

Campaign for Better Transport can bring an enhanced understanding of transport issues to your Big Local area and suggest inventive ways to respond to them

You might be interested in working with Campaign for Better Transport if your Big Local has prioritised local transport, but found it challenging to make progress.

Campaign for Better Transport has worked with 3 Big Local areas already, including Ramsey Million.

I can’t underestimate the value of Campaign for Better Transport’s research. The council are now subsidising our main bus route.Jane Sills, Ramsey Million

What’s expected of our Big Local partnership?

We want the experience of working with the support partners to make your Big Local area more effective and not burden you with extra responsibility. Should you choose to work with Shared Assets, Media Trust, Campaign for Better Transport or StreetGames, it’s important your Big Local partnership fully understands what’s expected of you.

This includes:

  • Engaging with the project as a committed, equal partner for the duration of the work
  • Choosing an individual from your partnership to engage with the partner organisation, stay in contact and schedule meetings and visits
  • Inviting partnership members and other interested local stakeholders to training workshops.
  • Providing a venue in your Big Local area and any refreshments you would like for all workshops
  • Signing an Memoriam of Understanding (MoU) which will authorise Local Trust to transfer your 50% of the funding from your £1 million budget to the partner directly and so reduce administration responsibilities on your LTO.

Working with Big Locals has allowed Campaign for Better Transport to gain in depth understanding of the problems poor transport causes, and to work with local people devising ways to deliver the networks they need now and in the future
Campaign for Better Transport

More on Campaign for Better Transport

You can read more about Ramsey Big Local’s experience of working with the Campaign for Better Transport in Jane’s blog.


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