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This discussion, part of our towards resilience series, explores the inequalities in access to green spaces and how communities can play a key role in addressing this issue on a local and national scale.

COVID-19 has shown many of our systems to be fragile in the face of crisis. In many cases, community groups across the country have stepped in to support local residents during the pandemic, demonstrating the value of local knowledge and networks when responding to uncertainty and disruption.

This event, co-hosted with Friends of the Earth, is the third in a series looking at how we can reimagine our fragile systems and put more power and resources into the hands of communities to ensure a more resilient future.

The discussion will explore how the crisis has highlighted the importance of green space but also the disparity in access and availability of it and how communities can play an important role in addressing this.

To find out more, take a read of this blog by Victoria Marsom, head of England at Friends of the Earth. 

Our panel includes:

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For people working on Big Local: to follow this event, we have a second workshop on March 25th from 4-6pm to share and learn about the practical actions you can take to get more people enjoying the benefits of green space. Please take a look here for more information and to sign up.