Step by step instructions for community change created by Big Local areas and based on their own experiences

Mosaic bench

A step-by-step guide to creating a community mosaic bench

Charlie Fox
30 July 2020
Online cooking tutorials

A step-by-step guide to setting up community cookery sessions

Sandi Philips
03 June 2020
Online sewing club

A step-by-step guide to holding a crafts club remotely

Seema Rajani
28 May 2020
Grow Boxes

A step by step guide on how to support residents to grow their own veg during lockdown

Sonia Clyne
21 April 2020
Soup and Roll delivery

A step by step guide on how to run a soup kitchen during lockdown

Sue Morris
14 April 2020
Running a Bingo night

Find out how Karen from Roseworth Big Local started a Bingo night

Karen Harley
03 March 2020
Urban fete

How to organise a community fete

Linda Aldred and Bridgette Lee
06 February 2020
Photography competition

Steps on organising a photography competition

Karin Evangelides
10 January 2020
Supporting local enterprises

How to set up social enterprise dinners

Samina Butt
06 December 2019