Step by step instructions for community change created by Big Local areas and based on their own experiences

Running a Bingo night

Find out how Karen from Roseworth Big Local started a Bingo night

Karen Harley
03 March 2020
Urban fete

How to organise a community fete

Linda Aldred and Bridgette Lee
06 February 2020
Photography competition

Steps on organising a photography competition

Karin Evangelides
10 January 2020
Supporting local enterprises

How to set up social enterprise dinners

Samina Butt
06 December 2019
Reskilling residents

Retraining residents to develop their skills and get back into work

Jan Macmillan
08 November 2019
Knit and natter

How to start a community knitting group

Katy Sneyd
09 October 2019
Book throne

Step by step instructions on creating a book throne

John Maguire
19 September 2019
Lottie shed

How to build a community shed on an allotment

Roy Howes
28 August 2019
Ice skating in July

Steps on organising an ice skating event

Bill Chatt
20 May 2019