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Shared Assets

Shared Assets offer support with new models of land management which are financially sustainable and create livelihoods and shared public spaces in Big Local areas.

May 2019

You might be interested in working with Shared Assets if your Big Local area is taking on an ambitious land-based project and could use some help turning the plans into a physical legacy for your area.

“It's been inspirational to have the chance to work with so many passionate community activists. We look forward to further work in supporting initiatives to have the best chance possible to succeed in the long term and leave a legacy for Big Local areas.” Shared Assets

Shared Assets has worked with 5 Big Local areas over the last year supporting them to develop projects ranging from a BMX track to a park pavilion.

“We want to create a STEM training centre which could transform our community’s economic future. Shared Assets has the expertise and skills we needed to put our ideas into action.” Duncan, Par Bay Big Local

You can find more about Par Bay Big Local’s experience of working with Shared Assets in Duncan's blog.

How does it work?

Shared Assets will first offer a free development day in your Big Local area. This will be a chance to meet face to face with the team, assess your partnership’s ideas for your project and work out whether Shared Assets can offer the right kind of support for you.

If you feel Shared Assets are the right fit, then your Big Local partnership can select from a menu of support, including training workshops, research and on demand guidance as a critical friend. With Shared Assets your partnership will develop a work plan for your land-based project that covers support from planning through to delivery.

Shared Assets can help with business planning, project management, identifying and testing the feasibility of land and getting stakeholders on side. We want this support to fit your partnership’s schedule and Shared Assets will be able to match whatever pace you set. A partnership with Shared Assets will run for around one year.

How do I find out more and get this partnership started?

If you want to discuss the offer or find out how it could work in your Big Local area, please get in touch:

If you’ve had a chat with us already, or you're confident you want to explore working with Shared Assets, please fill out the Expression of interest form. Once you’ve filled out this form, we can get the development day organised.

Shared Assets' support is available until 2021 or as long as Big Local areas need it. The first group of areas will begin in summer 2019, with the offer open between the 27th of may to the 26th of July. The offer will be open to more Big Local areas in autumn 2019 and in spring 2020. There will be room for up to 6 Big Local partnerships to take up the full offer at each stage.

How much does it cost?

Local Trust will cover the cost of the development day. This is to make sure your Big Local area does not have to commit to partnering with Shared Assets until you’ve had a chance to experience their support first hand.

Shared Assets support costs £570 per day and Local Trust will match fund 50% of the costs for up to 20 days of support. This means Local Trust will match your Big Local area's contribution, up to £5700.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the funding or want to explore a full cost breakdown:

Express your interest

Expression of interest form

We know not everybody wants to fill out a form, so instead you may prefer to express your interest in working with one or more of the support partners by:

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