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Campaign for Better Transport

Campaign for Better Transport can bring an enhanced understanding of transport issues to your Big Local area and suggest inventive ways to respond to them

May 2019

You might be interested in working with Campaign for Better Transport if your Big Local has prioritised local transport, but found it challenging to make progress.

“All communities need good transport. Working with Big Locals has allowed Campaign for Better Transport to gain in depth understanding of the problems poor transport causes, and to work with local people devising ways to deliver the networks they need now and in the future.” Campaign for Better Transport

Campaign for Better Transport has worked with 3 Big Local areas already, including Ramsey Million.

"I can’t underestimate the value of Campaign for Better Transport's research. The council are now subsidising our main bus route." Jane, Ramsey Million

You can read more about Ramsey Million's experience of working with the Campaign for Better Transport in Jane's blog.

How does it work?

Campaign for Better Transport will offer a free scoping visit in your Big Local area. This will be a chance to meet face to face with the team and work out whether Campaign for Better Transport can offer the right kind of support for you.

If you think Campaign for Better Transport are the right fit for your Big Local area, there are three stages of support your partnership can select.


The analysis support is offered at no cost to your Big Local partnership. Campaign for Better Transport will produce a detailed written report, which identifies key transport issues for your area and frames the case for improvement. This report can be used as a tool for your Big Local area to move their priorities forward and raise their profile.

Partner mapping

Campaign for Better Transport will identify and develop relationships with potential partner organisations who can help resolve the transport problems in your area. Suitable partners will come from the public, private and voluntary sectors and provide a joined-up approach.

Project development

Campaign for Better Transport will support your Big Local area in developing a project to address your transport needs. This project could be based on using technology or business development to fill the gaps in your transport network.

Your Big Local partnership can go through all these stages or just the ones you select and think are useful. We want this support to fit your partnership’s schedule and Campaign for Better Transport will be able to match whatever pace you set. If you choose to take up all three stages of support, you can expect this to run for around 12 months.

How do I find out more and get this partnership started?

If you want to discuss the offer or find out how it could work for your Big Local area, please get in touch:

If you’ve had a chat with us already or you’re confident you want to explore working with Campaign for Better Transport, please fill out the Expression of interest form. Once you’ve filled out the form, we can get the scoping day organised.

Campaign for Better Transport support is available until 2021 or as long as Big Local areas need it. The first group of areas will begin in summer 2019, with the offer open between the 27th of may to the 26th of July. The offer will be open to more Big Local areas in autumn 2019 and in spring 2020. There will be room for up to 3 Big Local partnerships to take up the full offer at each stage.

How much does it cost?

Local Trust will cover the cost of the scoping visit and the analysis stage of the support. This is to make sure your Big Local area does not have to commit to partnering with Campaign for Better Transport until you’ve had a chance to experience their support first hand.

Local Trust will then match fund 50% of the cost of both the partner mapping and project development stages of support. Partner mapping costs £2640 and project development costs £5280, so with the cost split half and half, both your Big Local area and Local Trust pay £3960 for the full support offer.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the funding or want to explore a full cost breakdown:

Express your interest

Expression of interest form

We know not everybody wants to fill out a form, so instead you may prefer to express your interest in working with one or more of the support partners by:

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