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Get noticed: the Big Local video guide

January 2017

Our new overview video celebrates the power of you! It’s a vibrant introduction to Big Local, explained in the words of residents and their local supporters. We hope it will inspire you and everyone you work with, and that it will help you with getting more people involved in Big Local.

Ideas for using the video

We want this video to go far, so that more people can hear about the amazing things happening in Big Local, and get involved! We’re inviting every Big Local area to join us in sharing the video: this can be on your website, Facebook page or Twitter account - if you have one of these.

You can also show the video at events, or at meetings with someone you hope to work with – such as another voluntary group or the council or a service provider. It can help to grab their interest, and get them to quickly understand what Big Local is all about.

The film is available in 2 different lengths. We recommend using the 2 minute version of the film for websites and social media, because people often have short attention spans online! The 4 minute version is great for showing at events.

The links you need

You can choose how to use the video:

  1. At a meeting or event. Play it from YouTube if you have internet at your meeting or event.

YouTube link (4 min vid):

Or, if you want to show it at a place without internet, download the MP4 file of the video from Flickr. You need to follow the link and then click the download button (circled in red on the picture below):

  1. On your Facebook page or group. Find the video on Facebook here (this version has captions built- in as well as sound, because lots of people use Facebook without sound):
  2. On Twitter. Go to the video on YouTube and select ‘Share’. Then click the Twitter icon.

YouTube link (2 min vid):
YouTube link (2 min with captions):

Tag @LocalTrust in your tweet or use #BigLocal and we’ll retweet you!

  1. On your website. You can copy and paste in a YouTube link from those given above. Or, if you know how to embed videos into your site, use the YouTube links above, but then select ‘Share’, and then ‘Embed’. Copy and paste the code that appears into your website content management system.

  1. In your email newsletter. Use the YouTube links given above.

Get more!

We also made 10 short videos about individual Big Local projects, including a youth club, a walking football group, singing group, and community kitchen training scheme. Find all the videos on our YouTube channel:

Videos are just one of the resources Local Trust offers to help Big Local areas with getting people involved with Big Local in their area. To get print or digital copies of a booklet about Big Local, click here. For advice and guidance on working with the local press, sending newsletters and more, go here.


Where were the videos filmed?

A huge thank you to South Bermondsey and Allenton Big Local areas where we filmed for our videos. We only had budget to visit 2 areas this time. If we make films again in the future, we will aim to visit different Big Local areas.

How can I get involved in a Big Local film?

We’re not planning to make more films in the near future. Why not make your own, about your area? For inspiration, here are some films made or commissioned by people from Big Local areas:

Can I edit the film with footage from my own area?

If you’d like to and know how, we welcome this, but please get in touch with us to discuss it.

What do I do if I have technical problems with the video?

If you email or call 020 3588 0565 we’ll do our best to help.

What about if my area has its own videos already?

If you have your own videos, that’s brilliant, and you may not want to use our video. Or, you can use it in combination with your own videos, depending on the circumstances.

How can I use the video in a Powerpoint presentation?

You can find instructions on how to do this by searching online specifying your version of Powerpoint e.g. search ‘embed video in Powerpoint 2016’ or ‘embed video in Powerpoint 2011’

Get in touch

Was the video useful to you? Did you show it at an event? Got feedback? We’d love to hear about it. Tell us on Twitter or Facebook, or email or call 020 3588 0565.

Our phones are down

2 Jan 2019: Our office is open but our phones are not working. Please email us at while we fix them and we will respond to messages as soon as we can.

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