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How to write a blog

Template and guidance

March 2013

How long

300-500 words


Write in the first person

Use a conversational tone e.g. using anecdotes and analogies can be a great way to illustrate your point

Use real examples and human interest stories e.g. if someone has done something inspiring/innovative or has gone out of their way to help – mention them!

Keep it easy-to-read by using jargon and acronyms sparingly. If you really need to use a technical term, try and explain it and spell out acronyms the first time they are used e.g. NANM (National Association for Neighbourhood Management)


Try and avoid overly long sentences

Use subheadings – it helps the reader navigate the blog (these can be added in after so don’t get bogged down by them in the planning)

Avoid using bold or italics in the text – this is just for accessibility reasons

Include pictures or a still of a YouTube clip – if you have a photo or two of your work (that you have the rights to), include them in the blog

How can you make it catch the eye

Keep an eye on what other people are talking about or doing both within Big Local areas and in the wider world. Can you catch people’s attention by adding to conversations that are already happening or linking what you want to say to current affairs

To accompany your blog

It is useful for the reader to know who you are so include a sentence about yourself/your role and even a headshot photo

If you have referenced a specific project or news item, then include the website link so readers can get further information if they wish

To let people know you are blogging

Shout about it! Post it on Facebook and Twitter. Let people know you are keeping a blog, especially people in your area and other Big Local areas. A blog post of today could be in the papers tomorrow

Share it with Local Trust, you never know it might end up on the website or featured in the Big Local newsletter

How often

A blog isn’t like a novel! Keep it punchy and regular. Maybe blog once a week or once every couple of weeks. Tell people what your Big Local area is up to, share stories and ideas

Who should blog

It doesn’t have to be chair of your Big Local partnership who keeps a blog - it could be a volunteer. Whoever it is they should want to do it, enjoy writing and be allowed to share their thoughts and stories in an honest and open way. Have a look at the Local Trust website, all sorts of people blog on it

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