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Launching now! Training and support to take action on equality and diversity in Big Local areas

Running between November 2021 and February 2022, Local Trust is offering training and coaching to support people in taking an active and conscious drive towards diverse and equitable Big Local areas.

Local Trust is excited to be working with social enterprise Collaborative Future to support people to take an active approach to diversity, equality, and inclusion in Big Local areas.  The training was developed on the findings and recommendations of our research on diversity, equality, and inclusion, and sessions run by Collaborative Future to understand the needs of Big Local areas.

The series is kicking off with two training events (online), which will be followed by an offer of individual or pair coaching sessions open to participants who attended the online sessions, focusing on matters that might be stopping them from being equitable leaders. The series will then culminate with an event in February that will consolidate the learning from both training and coaching sessions.

You can download a flyer with information on the training, to share with people here Collaborative Future DEI Programme (November 2021 – February 2022)


Who are the sessions for?  

The Diversity, Equality and Inclusion training is open to all those living and working in Big Local areas, the partnership members (including chairs), workers and reps. To ensure that as many Big Local areas benefit from the training as possible, we will allow up to 3 people (including the worker) from a Big Local area to sign up.

We expect attendees to bring some knowledge of the Big Local programme with them and use their learning to contribute towards creating more diverse and equitable Big Local areas.


This programme will benefit you if you would like to

  • Improve the way you work through Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI), without it becoming an extra responsibility
  • Build trusting relationships within and across communities you are involved with
  • Address collective needs and prioritise with purpose
  • Attract different kinds of people to your Big Local partnership
  • Foster better representation, inclusion, and cohesion in your communities


Attendees will leave with

  • Knowledge of new leadership/governance methods which can also be applied outside of the Big Local Areas context
  • Knowledge of how to ask the right questions and then respond to challenge and feedback constructively
  • Understanding of how to build structures that support equitable decision-making
  • Confidence to talk about DEI practically and openly with different groups



How to sign up?

If you are a Big Local partnership member, chair, or worker, sign up for the sessions running on the 10th of November here and the second part of the training on the 24th of November here.

If you are a Big Local rep, sign up for the sessions running on the 17th November here and follow on session on the 1st December here.


If you have any queries about this series please contact us.