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Towards resilience: Making community matter in social care

25 May 2021

How can communities help build a better care system?

COVID-19 has shown many of our systems to be fragile in the face of crisis, often relying on individuals and communities to fill shortfalls where services have failed – something that was particularly evident in adult social care.

To explore the issue further and consider how communities can play a key role in building a stronger care system, Local Trust invited Think Local Act Personal (TLAP), a national partnership committed to transforming health and care through community-based support, to co-host a panel discussion on 23 March 2021.

Panellists examined how the crisis highlighted the shortfalls in the care sector and asked: How can communities use their experiences of the pandemic to transform social care so that it works better for everyone?

This discussion was part of a series looking at how we can reimagine our fragile systems and put more power and resources into the hands of communities to ensure a more resilient future.