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Big Local partnerships and incorporation

4 Apr 2020

A research paper exploring incorporation, and why Big Locals are becoming formal organisations.

Big Local is a resident-led programme run by local partnerships, set up with the minimum of bureaucracy.

Partnerships initially had no formal status. Instead, partnerships appointed existing agencies as locally trusted organisations (LTOs), able to hold and spend money on behalf of the partnerships. Yet over time, an increasing number of Big Local partnerships have explored incorporation and considered introducing a formal structure.

This briefing is part of our Local Trust research papers series, originally shared internally with staff, and explores:

  • evidence on the number of partnerships considering this approach and their reasons
  • the support and guidance available
  • the challenges partnerships need to consider before taking this step.

A version of this paper was first published internally by Local Trust in 2020. It was published on the Local Trust website in April 2022.