Our Bigger Story

The Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC) at the University of Birmingham are leading an innovative longitudinal multimedia evaluation of Big Local, called Our Bigger Story.

Angus McCabe, Senior Research Fellow, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham:

“Our evaluation of Big Local is using a wide range of media to record, visually and orally, what is happening in real time in communities over a period of 10 years. This multimedia dimension has never been attempted before over such a long time span.”

Working with 15 Big Local areas, the evaluation aims to capture change in areas, using a combination of multimedia approaches (such as film, blogs, audio, digital stories, photos, diaries etc.) and more “traditional” research techniques. The longitudinal research, will be of particular interest to funders and anyone who is looking for practical methodologies for, and the challenges of putting power in the hands of local people.

The first phase of the evaluation started in 2015 and the second phase is currently underway.

To learn more about the evaluation approach, read findings from the evaluation so far and to watch films created as part of the project, take a look at the Our Bigger Story website, which is dedicated to the project.