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New seeds beneath the snow?

6 Feb 2018

This essay reports on the aspirations and achievements of Big Local areas in Merseyside, Lincoln and Telford, and places them in the context of previous experiences of community development, decline and revitalisation. Providing comparison, he also reflects on the work of three other projects: the Peckham Health Centre, established more than 90 years ago, the Deighton and Brackenhall Initiative in Huddersfield, and Manor and Castle Development Trust in Sheffield.

There is a long history and philosophy of self-help and mutual aid that Big Local draws on, even if its not explicit and scarcely gets a mention

Julian Dobson

About the Author
Julian Dobson

Julian Dobson is a writer, researcher and commentator on place, society and social policy. He is the author of How to Save Our Town Centres (Policy Press, 2015) and was co-founder and editorial director of New Start, the magazine for UK regeneration practitioners. He previously edited Inside Housing, the national magazine for housing professionals, and has recently completed a PhD at the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University.

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The first podcast from Local Trust examines where the Big Local programme sits in a wider historical context of community development, decline and revitalisation.

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