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Community Spirits

6 May 2018

In this compelling tour of five Big Local areas, Stephen Bates interviews a range of people about how faith motivates and sustains their involvement in community. From Middlesbrough to Walsall he reveals the common ground shared by people from different religious traditions, as well as the deep commitment they bring to the dual roles of active citizen and believer.

People are suspicious of faith groups in communities. If you become too open about your faith you risk losing people. But getting people out of their homes and working for the good of the area is important. We are trying to do this together.

Mark Pulford, One Palfrey Big Local

About the Author
Stephen Bates

Stephen Bates was the Guardian’s religious affairs
correspondent for seven years between 2000-2007 and
was named religious writer of the year by the Andrew
Cross Awards in 2005 and 2006. He has also written
about religion for the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph,
the Tablet and the Church Times. His books include: A
Church at War: Anglicans and Homosexuality (Hodder
2004) and God’s Own Country: American Politics and
Religion (Hodder 2007).

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This podcast explores how faith shapes the way both individuals and religious institutions interact with deprived communities.

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