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Community responses in times of crisis

7 May 2020

In this essay, Steve Wyler takes a look at some of the worst crises in our history and considers how we can engage with these examples to understand the responses to COVID-19 in 2020. 

Community groups mobilised themselves with striking efficiency, while complying with rules around social distancing and isolation. It wasn’t long before these groups identified their most vulnerable neighbours and rallied to provide these residents with the support they needed. From remote mental health outreach in the suburbs of Manchester to tailored food packages in York, it was clear that the people in these communities knew what was required 

Writing amid a national lockdown, Steve speaks to residents from four different areas of the country to find out more about their projects and how Big Local has provided the solid foundations these communities need to respond to crisis in a rapid and robust way 

About the Author
Steve Wyler

Steve Wyler is an independent consultant, researcher and writer in the social sector. He also co-convenes A Better Way. From 2000 to 2014, he was CEO of Locality, a national network of community organisations dedicated to community enterprise, community ownership and social change.