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A level playing field

8 Nov 2019

In recent years, community sport has ranked low on the agendas of national and local government. Yet many Big Local areas are choosing to prioritise sport when allocating their funds. The short-term benefits are easy to see; but dig a little deeper and the impacts can be far-reaching. In this essay, journalist Ryan Herman visits five Big Local areas where sport is helping communities to transcend physical, social and political boundaries and tackle some of their biggest underlying challenges.

The more and more I had somebody in my face telling me, ‘You cannot do this, you are not physically able to do it,’ the more it made me just go, ‘Screw you, I can and I will.
Jayne Barnard, Tourism Officer, East Cleveland Villages


About the Author
Ryan Herman

Ryan has been writing about sport for over 25 years in national newspapers, websites and magazines. Former editor of Sky Sports Magazine and a current contributing editor for Director Magazine, Ryan’s work has been published in FourFourTwo, Vice, SportBusiness International, The Rugby Journal, Gallop and BT Sport. In October 2019 he was appointed Local Trust’s second journalist-at-large, reporting on community experiences of our changing social and political landscape in Big Local areas.

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This episode looks at the benefits of community-led sport, through the stories of several Big Local areas who have chosen to invest time, energy and funds into sports from BMXing to Boxing.

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