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Working as a partnership

Different approaches to being a Big Local partnership

A Big Local partnership is a group of at least eight people who guide the overall direction of Big Local in your area, most of whom (at least 51%) live within your Big Local area.

The partnership is responsible for:

  • agreeing a shared vision
  • creating the Big Local plan
  • overseeing its delivery
  • collecting evidence to show how the plan is progressing
  • reviewing the plan and the partnership.

Each Big Local area partnership has its own way of working. Some partnerships provide overall guidance and recommendations, covering all the responsibilities listed above. Others do all those things, and also plan and run community events. And others do all that and more – they become their own locally trusted organisation and have a funding agreement with Local Trust.

Whichever approach you decide on, you will need to meet our criteria, as set out in our guidance on Big Local partnerships. We hope these notes also help you identify the best one for your area.

Partnerships that provide overall guidance and recommendations
Partnerships do some delivery (such as planning and running community events)
Partnerships become their own locally trusted organisation
In summary

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