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Helping others access data and devices is a challenge many communities have stepped up to over the past year, but affordable and sustainable solutions to digital exclusion are not simple. Here we highlight existing projects, resources and support to help you get your community online.

Connecting communities to the internet

One of the biggest challenges faced by communities tackling digital exclusion is finding solutions which provide long-term and affordable access to the internet.

Over the past year we have been researching solutions, supporting national campaigns and connecting with a range of organisations working to promote digital inclusion.

During our event in November 2020 on Connecting communities to the internet we explored some of the potential solutions which might provide access at a community level in the short term, and the longer-term changes that need to take place on a national scale to ensure widespread access.

For those that couldn’t attend the event, we wanted to outline some of the ideas we discussed:

Get Connected Community Broadband, Hartlepool
Community wi-fi hotspots, Bolton at Home Housing Association
Social prescribing for digital inclusion
#OperationWifi campaign

Getting devices to those in need

During our event in January on Getting digital devices to those in need we explored the possible solutions around helping people in your community access digital devices.

For those that couldn’t attend, here are some of the ideas we discussed:

Setting up a local device recycling scheme
Finding existing device reuse projects near you
Importance of partnerships
Good Things Foundation

Want to find out more?

We encourage anybody interested in this topic to join our dedicated Workplace group.

If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch with Ellie at:

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