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Community engagement within Big Local

Research by NCVO

September 2016

The research answers these questions and more about community engagement in Big Local:

  1. What’s happening – why and how are Big Local areas engaging their community?
  2. What’s different – how and why does engagement differ between Big Local areas, and how is Big Local different compared to other programmes?
  3. What’s working – what’s working, for whom and in what circumstances?
  4. What’s being learnt – what’s being learnt or tried that could help others? 

You can download the full or summary report, or explore the engagement wheels and case studies prepared by the researchers.

Case studies

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Using activities to engage: Engaging people through events in SO18 Big Local

Building on existing engagement and collaboration: The importance of current participation in Brookside Big Local

Targeted work: ‘1000 conversations’: Community Organising and one-to-one interaction in St Peter’s and the Moors

Empowerment and capacity building: Helping residents and local organisations grow in Whitley

Communications and conversations: Partnership communication with the rest of the community in Big Kirk Hallam

Engagement wheels

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The researchers developed five engagement wheels to help describe and understand engagement in Big Local:

  • Wheel 1 – Purpose: what are the drivers of community engagement in areas? (this wheel is shown below)
  • Wheel 2 – Context: what are the most relevant features of local context?
  • Wheel 3 – Motivations: what motivates people to get involved?
  • Wheel 4 – Approaches: what are areas doing?  
  • Wheel 5 – Effectiveness: what does effective practice look like?

Download a PDF of all the engagement wheels.

To see the wheels alongside an explanation of their content and development, refer to the full research report.

Download summary
Download full report

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