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The Community Wealth Fund Alliance (CWFA) called for a new fund to be created to target the most ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods, that have traditionally missed out on funding. The Fund would enable sustainable, community led change, with local residents supporting the projects identified as vital for improving their areas.

The CWFA was launched in January 2019 to campaign for a Community Wealth Fund. It was made up of members from across civil society and the public sector. By 2024 membership had risen to above 700.

The Alliance’s proposal was for a Community Wealth Fund based on four key principles:

Provision of long-term community funding
Neighbourhood investment at the hyper-local level
Community-led decision making
Building community confidence and capacity

Distribution according to these principles would shift the dial in these areas, building community confidence and capacity and supporting the development of services and facilities that meet the needs and aspirations of residents.

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Alliance Members


Advisory group

The Community Wealth Fund Alliance Advisory Group represents the wider Alliance, providing strategic advice and direction to the campaign. The group includes representatives from People’s Health Trust, NCVO, NAVCA, Lloyd’s Bank Foundation for England & Wales, Brookside Big Local, and Local Trust.