Supporting women in community leadership

24 Oct 2019

This new podcast episode explores how women’s leadership benefits communities.

Recorded at the Women in Community Leadership session at Big Local Connects 2019, this podcast explores how Big Local communities can become places of balanced leadership and opportunity regardless of gender. The conversation also touches on the skills needed to be an effective leader, the challenges facing women and how to resolve them.

Participants: Karen Rees-Unwin, Ridge Hill. Ivis Williams, Barnfield. Lesley Watkins, Mansfield Community & Voluntary Service. Dadirai Tsopo, Welsh House Farm. Emma O’Mahoney, Blackpool Revoe. Maxine Jordan, Gaunless Gateway. Susan Graydon, Gaunless Gateway. Jo Baker, Local Trust. James Peak, podcast producer. Chaired by: Wendy Davies, Organisation and Social Development Consultants.

We’ll be launching the Community Leadership Academy in November. Details will be made available here