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Developing Potential

2 Mar 2020

This podcast discusses how communities can work with developers on neighbourhood regeneration

What can communities do to ensure that they gain from regeneration projects rather than lose out to them? We explore this question in a podcast recorded at the launch event of our research report, Developing Potential. With input from Helen Nicol, co-author of Developing Potential and Big Local residents Dadirai Tsopo and Hero Austin, the group discuss how communities can get the most out of local development projects and what individuals and organisations can do to shift the power in-balances that are often intrinsic to neighbourhood regeneration.

The podcast is hosted by Georgie Burr from Local Trust, with contribution from Helen Nicol, co-author of Developing Potential and director of Blue Chula, Chris Brown, CEO of Igloo Regeneration and co-author of Developing Potential and Dadirai Tsopo from Welsh House Farm Big Local, Hero Austin from the People’s Empowerment Alliance for Custom House (PEACH), James Goodman from Local Trust and other attendees of the launch event – thank you to everyone who took part.

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