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Local Trust and Shared Assets announce partnership to support Big Local areas

Residents in 150 areas in England will be supported in developing and sharing skills to manage land – such as parks, waterways, woodlands and green spaces – according to the needs and aspirations of local people, thanks to a new partnership between Local Trust [1] and Shared Assets [2] launched today [27/09/2017].

The partnership will provide advice, support and opportunities for knowledge-sharing to people from Big Local areas [3] who want to transform land, that may be neglected or underused, into useful and productive spaces that support livelihoods and bring important benefits to the community.[4]

Big Local is a resident-led programme of local transformation and the biggest place-based funding programme currently distributing funds, with £1m invested over 10-15 years in each of 150 ‘left behind’ communities in England, that have missed out on previous funding programmes.

Shared Assets brings to the partnership expertise in new models of land management that are financially sustainable and create livelihoods and shared public spaces.

The partnership will also:

  • Map the land management achievements of communities involved in Big Local and explore the challenges they face when they want to own or manage land.
  • Enable residents from across the 150 Big Local areas to come together and learn from each other and from Shared Assets about land management opportunities.
  • Demonstrate to Big Local areas how managing land can be a powerful way to secure the lasting legacy and sustainability of their Big Local funding.
  • Offer residents in five Big Local areas a bespoke support package to enable them to achieve their land management goals.
  • Share learning from the Big Local experience for all those interested in securing long-term sustainability of local assets in the common interest.

Matt Leach, chief executive of Local Trust, commented:

“After five years delivering change in their communities, many Big Local areas are getting more ambitious, and taking on bigger and more complex local projects. Many residents have asked for help with questions about land, assets and leaving a lasting impact. We’re really excited that this work with Shared Assets will broaden the range of expert support available to Big Local areas. It’s about helping local people achieve their ambitions

Mark Walton, executive director of Shared Assets, commented:

“Connecting our knowledge and experience of working with land projects across the UK with the Big Local Area communities represents a great opportunity for learning on both sides. We are excited to work with Local Trust to develop innovative solutions for lasting community benefit through engagement with land”

Local Trust’s partnership with Shared Assets is one of a range of new opportunities [5] offering Big Local areas access to a wider range of expert support for resident-led local transformation. Together, they give Big Local areas connections to new resources and networks, specialist technical advice tailored to local needs and access to fresh and innovative approaches.


Notes to editors

[1] Local Trust is a place-based funder working with 150 Big Local areas, where people are making their communities even better places to live.

[2] Shared Assets is a social enterprise which formed in July 2012 to make land work for everyone by:

  • supporting good practice in management of land and natural resources
  • supporting innovation and development of new models of management and governance of land

Shared Assets is informed by principles of enterprise, sustainability and productivity. It brings expertise in social and community enterprise business models and community development to the table.

[3] Big Local is a resident-led programme of local transformation and the biggest place-based funding programme currently distributing funds. Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund it provides £1m invested over 10-15 years in each of 150 ‘left behind’ communities in England, which have missed out on previous funding programmes.

[4] Further information abo the partnership, and how Big Local areas can participate, is provided here:…

[5] Further information about Local Trust’s new support offer to Big Local areas can be found here: