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Communities delivering the Big Local programme in 150 neighbourhoods across England are being offered access to new specialist support through 4 partnerships announced today. [1]

The partners are:

  • Shared Assets [2] – offering communities expertise on organisational and business development, to support initiation of land based social enterprises and initiatives that create livelihoods and secure community assets.
  • Media Trust [3] – working with local areas and community groups to develop their communications skills and give them a stronger voice.
  • Campaign for Better Transport [4] – bringing expert understanding on community and public transport and support people to identify solutions to transport problems.
  • StreetGames [5] – harnessing the power of sport to create positive change in the lives of disadvantaged young people, their families and their communities.

23 Big Local communities benefited from specialist support, first launched in 2018.

Mark, Boston Big Local, said about Media Trust:

“They far exceeded our expectations. They’ve helped us to communicate much more strategically. By raising public awareness of the grants we can give to our community for example, applications have risen drastically, and money is now going to a much more diverse group of people.”

Duncan, Par Bay Big Local, has worked with Shared Assets:

“We want to create a STEM training centre which could transform our community’s economic future. Shared Assets have the experience and skills we needed to put our idea into action, including supporting us with a funding application, feasibility and business plans. Our dream is getting closer to becoming a reality.”

Every Big Local area is eligible to access the new support partnerships, which will be open for 2 years and available on a rolling basis. Each area can decide if and when they want to access the support, and if so Local Trust will offer match funding [6].

Matt Leach, chief executive of Local Trust, said:

“We know just how ambitious and confident Big Local communities already are at making decisions which enrich and transform their areas. We’re incredibly excited about the potential impact this support will have on people’s lives across the country.”

The 4 new partnerships are just some of the multiple ways in which Big Local areas can access resources, tailored to the needs of their communities [7].


[1] Big Local is a resident-led programme of local transformation and the biggest place-based funding programme currently distibuting funds. It provides £1m invested over 10-15 years in each of 150 “left behind” communities in England which have missed out on previous funding programmes.

[2] Shared Assets is a social enterprise set up to make land work for everyone by supporting good practice in management of land and natural resources. They support innovation and development of new models of management and governance of land.

[3] Media Trust strives to bridge the gap between the media and creative industry with charities and under-represented communities. The charity promotes skills-based volunteering, empowers young people, facilitates capacity building and supports collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

[4] Campaign for Better Transport’s mission is to make sustainable transport available to all and encourage its use.

[5] StreetGames is a national sports charity and centre of expertise for developing sport in disadvantaged communities. StreetGames helps make people and communities healthier, safer and more successful by making sport accessible to all young people.

[7] Local Trust is a place-based funder supporting the Big Local and Creative Civic Change programmes. Initial Local Trust funding can be match funded by up to 54 Big Local areas.

[8] Find more about the new support available from the 4 partners and wider support available to Big Local areas in 2019.