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Power and leadership

New report: How councillors can empower local residents

We’ve partnered with LGiU on a new guide to ‘Community Collaboration’. Packed with advice and practical examples, it showcases the success of new approaches to local democratic engagement – in Big Local and beyond.

The new report has found that councils and communities working together can meet the challenges of the future and sustain public trust in local government – but only if they commit to a more engaged and open way of working.

‘Community Collaboration: A councillor’s guide’ is the result of a project between the LGiU and Local Trust to define and promote community collaboration and uncover the best examples of it in practice.

The report features 8 case studies from around England, and identifies how councillors can actively support resident-led projects by facilitating conversations, using their network and influence, and advocating within their local authority.

Matt Leach, chief executive, Local Trust, said:

“We’ve been delighted to partner with LGiU in inviting local government leaders to explore how to put more power in the hands of communities. We see this report as being a key tool for Big Local areas and local authorities.”

“We also hope that the experiences of councillors in Big Local areas and beyond featured in this booklet will inspire more debate about both the limits and potential of devolution to a community level, and encourage more councils to take their first steps towards new ways of thinking about collaboration with communities.”

Download your copy

Download a full copy of the guide here.

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