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Towards resilience: Communities and green spaces

1 Apr 2021

How can communities help to improve access to green spaces?

On 10 March 2021, Local Trust and Friends of the Earth partnered to host a panel discussion exploring the inequalities in access to green spaces and provision within them, and how communities have an important role to play in addressing these challenges.

Green spaces have been pivotal during this first year of the pandemic. They’ve helped us reconnect with family, friends and neighbours, and provided access to nature in a time when this has been most needed for health. But a number of inequalities were apparent when it came to green spaces even before the pandemic.

Evidence gathered by Friends of the Earth demonstrates that if you are a person of Black, Asian or minority ethnic origin you are more than twice as likely as a white person to live in areas in England that are most deprived of green space.

This event explored how communities can be supported to develop and maintain local green spaces that meet the needs of residents.