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The Big Local story

22 Feb 2024

This summary report distils extensive research on the design and delivery of the Big Local programme, providing some lessons and recommendations to inform the implementation of a community wealth fund.

The Big Local story summary reportWords read: The Big Local story: A summary of our learning from the Big Local programme. How our learning from the design and delivery of Big Local could inform future funding programmes

As it moves closer to its end in 2026, the Big Local programme demonstrates the positive impact that can be achieved if a substantial award is made direct to underserved communities to spend, over an extended period (10–15 years), according to priorities set by residents.

There are lessons here for the proposed community wealth fund, announced by the government early in 2023, to “give local residents in some of the more deprived areas of the country the power to improve where they live and invest in what’s important to them” (Department for Culture, Media and Sport Minister Stuart Andrew, March 2023).

This summary report outlines learning from the Big Local programme that might support the framework design of such funds. It distils the findings of significant research on the programme, examining different aspects of design and delivery to inform its development. It also reflects discussions with the Local Trust staff team and Big Local partnership members and learning from their experience.

The report focuses on some of the considerations that informed the design of the Big Local programme and makes key recommendations about the framework for distribution of a community wealth fund.