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Preparing the ground

2 Dec 2020

Learning from the first year of Creative Civic Change

Since October 2018, 15 communities across England have been on a radical journey to transform their places through creativity. As part of the Creative Civic Change (CCC) programme, each area has benefited from £200k of funding, given with full trust to local residents to control. In addition to this funding, each area has been given the time, support and resources to realise their vision, whether its transforming public spaces, celebrating shared histories, or bringing people together. This report reflects what we learned at the start of this journey, as communities worked together to shape plans, create connections and plant the seeds of creativity.

This is the first of a series of reports sharing the learning and outcomes of Creative Civic Change, compiled by the project’s independent evaluation team of Sarah Boiling, Anousheh Haghdadi from Beatfreeks Consulting, and Amanda Smethurst.