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Impact of Big Local

6 Jun 2016

Research by Resources for Change

Resources for Change researched the impact, achievements and learning so far in 20 Big Local areas. They chose areas that were among the first to get started with their Big Local plans. The researchers also looked at how Big Local areas are going about recording impact.

The research found that the most frequently reported types of impact of Big Local for individuals were:

  • Skills development and learning.
  • Confidence development.
  • Involvement in the community.
  • Employment and enterprise.
  • Social and inter-personal benefits.

The research found that the most frequently reported collective/community impacts of Big Local were:

  • New services/facilities available and being used.
  • Organisational benefits.
  • Improved community spirit.
  • Making the area nicer and people’s improved perceptions about the area.
  • Having a voice.

Find out more by downloading the research summary or full research report above.