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2020 partnership survey: risk of not ‘spending out’

6 Apr 2021

One of four research papers exploring findings from the 2020 survey of Big Local partnership members, looking at areas at risk of not spending all their funding.

This brief is part of our Local Trust research papers series, originally shared internally with staff, and is one of four thematic briefs presenting findings from the 2020 partnership survey.

Every two years, Local Trust undertakes a comprehensive survey of all Big Local partnership members. This briefing looks at responses from Big Local areas identified by Local Trust to be at risk of not spending the entire £1million funding by 2026 (the deadline for ‘spending out’), with some significant findings and implications for support needs.

Other briefings on the 2020 survey explore:

A version of this paper was first published internally by Local Trust in 2021. It was published on the Local Trust website in April 2022.