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How to run a local energy awareness campaign


Inspired by DY10 Big Local, with support from the Centre for Sustainable Energy

When DY10 Big Local got in touch last winter for support around fuel poverty, our partners the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) worked with them to come up with a variety of ways to raise energy awareness within their community.

Below is a guide to how they did it, so you can replicate your own energy awareness campaign this winter.

Harnessing the power of social media

CSE supported DY10 to run a social media energy awareness campaign, advising the partnership on the topics that would be most useful and coming up with a posting schedule.

CSE provided us with support to run social media energy awareness campaign… advised me on what type of topics would be most useful and formulated a schedule detailing what to post and when.”
Anna Tidmarsh, project support worker at DY10 Big Local

Over the course of five weeks, DY10 used their Facebook page to share CSE’s energy top tips and resources in a range of creative ways, culminating in a prize draw. Here’s how they did it:

Preparing for the campaign
Week one: Introducing the campaign
Week two: Busting some energy myths
Week three: Give 'draught snake making' a go!
Week four: Getting the most out of your heating system
Week five: Win a slow cooker!

Energy awareness training and events

CSE also organised free energy awareness training for one of DY10’s local partners – Homestart Wyre Forest. The sessions equipped their volunteers with the information they needed when visiting local families.

We spoke to Anna Tidmarsh, the project support worker at DY10, to hear how this local partnership led to their involvement at a local swap shop event.

“Most recently, CSE helped me develop my idea of having an ‘energy awareness’ table at a local Homestart Wyre Forest Swap Shop event, within our Big Local area.

“The Swap Shop is a free service for local people to donate any unwanted children’s clothing or toys. The Swap Shop then redistributes these items to whoever would like them and runs twice-yearly events, where people can drop off their donations and pick up a bargain or two!”

Paul, Advisor at Act on Energy, and Anna, Project support worker at DY10, at a local swap shop event (Photo: DY10 Big Local)

Paul, advisor at Act on Energy, and Anna, project support worker at DY10, raising awareness at a local swap shop event (Photo: DY10 Big Local)

The Swap Shop kindly allowed me to have a table at their event and CSE linked me with Paul from the local Act on Energy advice service. Paul was happy to come along to the event with me to provide advice and guidance around how Act on Energy can assist people, and also about local funding and grants currently available.”

“CSE provided me with links to useful factsheets I could print off and suggested other possible ideas, such as a prize draw. I decided to go with this and offer a prize of an air fryer as well as having pocket hand warmers as a useful, little freebie to give away.     

“The Swap Shop event was well attended and myself and Paul had plenty of people come up to chat with us and take away a few factsheets, grab some handwarmers and enter the prize draw!”

Anna Tidmarsh, Project support worker at DY10

Give it a go!

Why not give a campaign like this a go on your social media channels this winter? Or get in touch with us via the form below if you’d like some more hands-on support from CSE around fuel poverty and energy awareness in your area.

Remember, you can find all of CSE’s energy resources, as well as inspiration and guidance from other Big Local projects, in the cost of living section of the Big Local support centre.

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