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When we asked workers how the network could help them most, closing out of the Big Local programme was at the top of their list.

That’s why we’ve designed our first face-to-face workers network event as a deep dive into all things close out.

We’d like Big Local partnerships and LTOs to encourage their workers to take the time out to join in, connect with other workers and explore what closing out with confidence means.

The event will provide valuable time for workers to explore:

  • What does closing out with confidence mean to me?
  • What does life beyond Big Local look like for me?
  • Does my idea of closing out with confidence align with my partnership’s plans?
  • How should I be working with partner organisations and stakeholders prior to closing out?
  • How can I recognise and overcome close out challenges, to make sure my partnership stay on track?

Workers will come away from the event with:

  • Practical techniques for maintaining momentum and focus.
  • An understanding of how other Big Local areas are managing their close out journeys.
  • A clear sense of your achievements and lessons learned so far.

Download the event programme 


All travel costs including accommodation for those with long distances, will be covered by Local Trust. You will be asked to confirm your requirements when you book your place.