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The UK cost of living crisis affects those that are already struggling the most and will have a high impact on our Big Local areas and other left-behind neighbourhoods. As the Government fails to step up and protect those most vulnerable, communities are left to cope by themselves in these challenging times, becoming the front line in the fight against poverty. This event intends to highlight how poverty is growing in the UK, what alliances are being built to help cope with the rising cost of living, and most importantly, get a glance at what our communities are doing to fight back.

  • The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) will present the findings from their recent UK Poverty report and will explore the drivers and impacts of poverty, explain how these have been impacted by the pandemic and provide an assessment of prospects for poverty in the UK.
  • They will be joined by members of the Grassroots Poverty Action Group, a group of people with lived experience of poverty who will share insights about how the rapidly rising cost of living is impacting on their communities.
  • We will also be able to listen to the Community Organisers charity who will introduce us to their proposed “Cost of Living Alliance” and have the chance to listen to one of our BL areas whose projects and ideas have worked to create a more resilient community.

We look forward to the chance of working together, listening to those that have experience and learning what we can do to support each other in these challenging times. This event is online on Thursday 5th May from 10:30 until 12:00. Sign up here.

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