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Cost of living: signposting page


In addition to the cost of living support we’ve launched with our partners, this page is dedicated to signposting you to support currently available beyond Local Trust.

Support for your organisation

Rising costs means it may become increasingly difficult to manage many aspects of running your community organisation and delivering local activities. Here is some support we think could help:

Grant/ fund finders

  • Grants online have created a list of specific cost of living grants currently available from central government, local authorities, community foundations and grant making bodies.

Business, employment and asset support

  • Our assets and legal bodies partner Locality have launched a new resources page on cost of living, including advice on business and financial planning for organisations, asset management and employment support.

Strategy, planning and financial support

  • Charity Excellence Framework have created a ‘Survive and Thrive’ crisis toolkit, full of 10 how-to guides on everything from creating a charity financial sustainability plan to saving money without cost cutting.

Energy support

  • Our climate partner’s Centre for Sustainable Energy recently wrote a blog signposting available support for rising energy costs, including ideas for educational energy-saving workshops to run with residents.

Council case studies  

  • Local Government Association have created a cost of living hub full of best practise case studies of where local councils have been working effectively with residents on key issues like food, fuel, health and money.

My Community Cost of Living Hub

  • Together with other leading community sector organisations, we’ve collated a list of resources designed to help community groups adapt and survive under these extremely challenging conditions. These can be found on the My Community Cost of Living Hub.

Support for you and local residents

The cost of living crisis is having a financial impact on millions of people across the country, which will create knock-on mental and physical health issues for many. Here’s some related support:

Government help

  • The Government have outlined what help for households is available, from support with energy bills to income and childcare support.

Help with energy bills

Financial support

  • Citizens Advice have outlined all the help that’s available for covering essential costs like food and bills for those struggling financially.
  • Spark & Co, a Community Interest Company who focus on providing support for racialised people and those disproportionately affected by crises, have launched a hub full of resources and support on everything from energy, money and household support.
  • National debt charity Step Change have created guidance on coping with the rising cost of living, including advice on bills, benefits, budgeting and emergency support.

Mental health support

  • Mental Health and Money Advice have set up a support page outlining some ways to look after your mental health and where to get support if you need it.

If you are struggling to find the support you need, please get in touch with us at or call us on 020 358 804 23.