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Helping others with digital

This guidance is for anyone looking to support people in their community to get online.

For getting people confident on Zoom, our Zoom Digital Champions training with Act Build Change is an excellent place to start. It’ll take you through the frequently and not so frequently asked questions relating to Zoom. 

Local Trust is currently developing support offers to help Big Local areas that want to tackle digital exclusion in their community, to register your interest, please contact

We will also be launching a learning cluster in early 2021, focused on learning about how to support digital inclusion in your Big Local area. To register your interest, please contact


Diversity and inclusion 

When teaching others it’s very important to have diversity and inclusion in mind. Creating a positive learning environment and listening to the explicit or implicit needs of others. People may, for example, feel uncomfortable with their videos turned on in Zoom. The first section of our Zoom Digital Champions training will go into this in more depth. Good Things Foundation has a handbook on disability support in digital which is downloadable it here.