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Communications and social media Working as a partnership

Helping others with digital

This guidance is for anyone looking to support people in their community to get online.

Good Things Foundation

To help get as many Big Local residents connected as possible we’ve partnered up with the Good Things Foundation. They are the UK’s leading digital inclusion charity, supporting people to grow their digital skills and overcome social challenges.

They run a number of initiatives we think Big Locals will find incredibly useful. Here are some of the support and resources they offer:

Support partner offer
Online Centres Network
Device, connectivity and procurement guide

Promoting digital inclusion learning cluster

This learning cluster is aimed at supporting Big Local areas to promote digital inclusion within their communities.

Through participation, attendees will:

  • Build a greater understanding of the causes and impacts of digital exclusion on different groups of people
  • Gain ideas, inspiration and resources to help support digital inclusion in their communities
  • Learn more about why mindset matters, how to develop and promote a digital mindset, and how to reach those people who feel that the digital world “isn’t for them”
  • Collaboratively develop creative ways Big Local partnerships can make a difference
  • Feel enthused and have the ideas and tools to go back to their local communities and make a difference

This cluster is now closed to new applicants. If you are interested in any further digital resources or support offers please email

Zoom Digital Champions Training

For helping people get confident on Zoom, our Zoom Digital Champions training with Act Build Change is an excellent place to start. It will take you through the frequently and not so frequently asked questions relating to Zoom. 

When teaching others it is very important to have diversity and inclusion in mind, creating a positive learning environment and listening to the explicit or implicit needs of others. People may, for example, feel uncomfortable with their videos turned on in Zoom.

The first section of our Zoom Digital Champions training will go into this in more depth. Good Things Foundation has a handbook on disability support in digital which can be downloaded here.

Providing data and devices

More information on providing data and devices to those in your community who need them can be found here.