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Big Local areas need to use the National Lottery Community Fund logo, plus either the Local Trust | Big Local logo or your local Big Local area logo if you have one

Big Local areas are required to acknowledge the National Lottery Community Fund by using their logo on publicity materials. This is so that people who take part in Big Local activities know that the funding for them is from the National Lottery Community Fund. The logo is available in lots of different formats on the National Community Lottery Fund website.

The National Lottery Community Fund logo changed in 2019. The link above is to the current logo. You don’t have to change the logo on old materials you made in the past but please use the current logo on all new materials you create.

Areas are welcome to use the Local Trust | Big Local logo on publicity materials and press releases, although this is not a requirement. You can use your local Big Local area logo instead, if you have one. Some areas choose to use all three logos (National Lottery Community Fund, Local Trust | Big Local and their area logo) and that’s fine too.

Within the Big Local programme there is freedom to design internal and external communications in the way you wish; we encourage areas to be creative in shaping their Big Local identity and as such do not have strict guidelines in place. You also have the freedom to promote and publicise your Big Local area in any way you like – there’s a real range in the way different areas choose to do this and you can be as imaginative as you like.


If you require a vector logo please contact