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Working as a partnership

Differences of opinion and conflicts within a Big Local partnership

Differences of opinion are usually a good thing – they can challenge thinking and offer different perspectives. But when someone responds inappropriately, strong differences of opinion can lead to tension and conflict, resulting in silence, avoidance or anger. The situation can become serious if people’s behaviour becomes disrespectful and hurtful.

This document is to help Big Local partnerships think about how to respond to differences of opinion and conflicts within the partnership (see the separate section below for conflicts between members of the partnership). We expect all partnerships to create their own rules and procedures – having an agreed way to respond helps both to reduce or avoid conflict and to find a solution and resolution.

What we expect from Big Local partnerships
Differences between members of the partnership
Differences within the partnership – it’s okay to disagree
Differences within the partnership - when it's not acceptable
Reviewing your Big Local partnership